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today is Jan 20, 2022

                   Jock itch gets its name from its location: the groin area covered by a jockstrap. Just like other health disorders that occur in groin region, Jock itch can be healed. But did you know ladies can have jock itch, too? Let’s look at the cause and treatment of jock itch.

A FUNGUS AMONG US You may be startled to find jock itch, athlete’s foot and ringworm all are caused by the same fungus. The medical term for this fungus is “tinea.” When tinea occurs in the groin area, it’s termed tinea cruris. Athlete’s foot is called “tinea pedis,” and ringworm is termed simply “tinea.” That’s right: ringworm is not caused by a worm. The tinea fungus loves warm, damp conditions to develop in. The groin, feet and scalp provide a good living environment for this fungus. Tinea spreads from person to person via direct contact with the skin. You can get tinea via touching an affected person’s skin or by encountering surfaces infested by the tinea fungus.


All tinea fungal diseases feature similar symptoms. You may notice: An itchy skin rash with red, elevated lesions Itchy skin sores that crack and/or ooze Skin rash in which the lesions appear ring-like: that is, darker at the margins and lighter in the center An itchy rash in the groin area, between the toes or elsewhere on the skin.


Anyone can develop a tinea infection in some form. You may be at higher risk for acquiring a tinea infection if you routinely become sweaty (such as from participation in sports), exchange personal care items with others (such as razors), use public showers, pools or other wet locations, or fail to dry your skin sufficiently in the groin or foot areas.

PREVENTING TINEA INFECTIONS Because tinea infections can be persistent and hard to cure, your best bet is prevention. You can lower your chances of having a fungal infection by following these suggestions: Dry your skin thoroughly in the groin and foot areas. Use a powder, if necessary, to keep these areas dry throughout the day. When using public wet facilities, such as a shower or pool area, always wear a foot covering. Sandals, flip-flops or beach shoes create a barrier between the skin of your foot and any fungal colonies on tile floors. Avoid sharing personal care items, such as razors and combs, with other individuals. Especially avoid sharing these goods with anyone who has a known fungal infection. Wash tight-fitting sporting apparel, such as jockstraps, frequently.


The most effective treatment for jock itch, athlete’s foot or other tinea fungal infections is an over-the-counter antifungal drug. If feasible, use a powder form of the drug, since this will also help dry out the damp area where the fungus develops. You can purchase jock itch treatment in cream or ointment form, as well as powder. If your tinea infection won’t clear up or comes back regularly, consult your healthcare practitioner for stronger medicine to eradicate the fungus. JOCK ITCH: ANNOYING BUT TREATABLE Jock itch won’t kill you, but it’s certainly annoying to deal with. By taking efforts to avoid getting infected with the tinea fungus, you can have an active lifestyle without the itching groin rash we call “jock itch.”

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